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Top Cities around the World Where Billionaires Lives

Do you ever wonder where the world's billionaires live? Do they live in the secluded mountains? By the sea? Or in the hustling bustling cities? When you've got a few billion lying around, it's not hard to understand that most prefer the happening metropolitan cities.

Top 12 Luxury Hotels in the World

What is a luxury hotel? Well, the question of this can vary a lot since every individual has a different perception to rate luxury or lavishness. While some prefer a 5-star hotel with all the best services available, others might love a room by the seashore enjoying the sunrise and sunset along the beach.

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World

Bagging a luxury holiday destination is the dream of almost every other individual out there. Be it a honeymoon or a family trip, a friend's holiday or a business trip, a luxury and lavish holiday destination really gets one excited to the core. Yes, the budget allocation can be a bit of a constraint.

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai

Throughout the past decade or two, Dubai has been revamped from its core. A few years back no one would have believed that Dubai would be one of the top places where people travel for luxury.