Top Cities around the World Where Billionaires Lives

By Bismah Ahmed  |   12 Sep, 2020

Top Cities around the World Where Billionaires Lives

Do you ever wonder where the world’s billionaires live? Do they live in the secluded mountains? By the sea? Or in the hustling bustling cities? When you’ve got a few billion lying around, it's not hard to understand that most prefer the happening metropolitan cities.

The world’s billionaires are quite nicely spread around the world. In many cases, the wealth of billionaires is closely linked to the places they live in. The number-one global industry for billionaire wealth is fashion and retail, with over $1 trillion, or more than 15 percent of total billionaire wealth—topping finance, tech, and oil and natural resources. Technology is second, with $989 billion or 14 percent of the total, followed closely by finance and investment in third with $962 billion. Resources (i.e. oil, energy, metals, and mining) is fourth at $623 billion and automotive and manufacturing is fifth with $561 billion. Ultimately, the top four industries account for more than half of the world’s billionaires, and the top five account for 60 percent.

Here’s our list of the cities which hold the highest number of billionaires in attendance:

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