The EC145 Luxury Mercedes-Benz Style Helicopter

By Steven Smith  |  

The EC145 Luxury Mercedes-Benz Style Helicopter

According to Forbes in 2019, there are more than 2,153 billionaires with an overall net wealth of $8.7 trillion in the world, which is 55 members and $400 billion less from 2018. But due to the pandemic situation in 2020 and the wealthiest people getting richer day by day it is expected that it will be more billionaire in 2020 than in 2019. Strange!

Back in 2010, Mercedes-Benz launches its First Helicopter Airbus EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style. For someone, it's a dream to afford a Helicopter but for these billionaires, these are just peanuts and a status symbol. The EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style is a luxury helicopter designed to transport passengers in lavish style with all the comforts and luxury fulfillment.

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