25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

By Clara White  |   19 Nov, 2020

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • This year has been a little hard on all of us! Considering the pandemic breakout and so many unfortunate incidents following it, 2020 hasn't been a breezy time exactly. But it’s never too late to embrace joy. With the holiday season around the corner and a special chance to meet your loved ones after being quarantined in their confined walls for so long, why not make this year’s holiday a little special than before?
  • Yes, we all still need to maintain social distance and use proper safety equipment i.e. masks and gloves but we can all be safe together! Or a little gesture goes a long way. In this case, we are talking about holiday gifts! Let your loved ones know you haven’t forgotten them or the deadly pandemic hasn't made a real solid wall between you all.
  • With wonderful gift ideas to cover miles of distance between you and your beloved, we have come up with the ultimate collection of wonderful holiday gift ideas that will warm your loved ones’ hearts with joy. Our selection of Best Holiday Gift Ideas for 2020 (Love included) is surely going to put a wide smile on the faces of your dearly loved ones.
  • Let’s all break the unfortunate spell this year has put on us and embrace pleasant times with both arms wide open. Dive in to discover how to awe your favorite people with our favorite collection of Holiday gifts!

1. Fitness Freak - Hidrate Spark

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Fitness Freak?

  • We all know someone who spends their entire holiday freaking about the extra pounds due to the holiday feast. 
  • While holiday food is scrumptious and hard to resist, unnecessary worrying about calories kinda takes the whole fun away. Why not make them relaxed?
  • This cute little holiday gift is not only gorgeous to look at, easy to carry but is also one of the best ways to show that you care. 
  • Spending 60 dollars on this steel body and glowing water bottle is worth every single penny because it is one of a kind. 
  • The bottle also tracks the water intake and will actively remind your loved one to drink water by throwing its attractive rainbow colors. 
  • Moreover, it keeps the drink cold for up to 24 hours. What's better than gifting a reliable hydrating partner to your fitness buddy?

2. Fitness Freak - NutriBullet

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Nothing doubles the fun of a healthy workout session more than a refreshing smoothie! But when your muscles are soar with extra weight lifting or crunches won't let you get up, who will work enough to make a smoothie? 
  • With NutriBullet, your friend will have an easy to go solution to ace all the delicious smoothies like a champ. 
  • Whether they want to mix two fruits or numerous ingredients, this small buddy has got It all covered. 
  • It is a good and reliable investment under $100. 
  • Bonus? NutriBullet comes with its own assortment of cups. 

3. Fitness Freak - Darn Tough Sock

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Cute socks are one of the best collections in anyone's wardrobe! 
  • But what if your pretty socks are paired with extra strength and durability to make your workouts smoother and better. 
  • Darn Tough Ultra-light sock has made up to our list of best holiday gifts for various reasons. 
  • They are cute, they are cozy, they are warm and most of all they look and feel soft but are tough, just like your love for your friends and family. 
  • This is one of the best items to gift your fitness buddy to keep them safe from slipping, bunching, hurting, or blistering themselves during the workout in any way possible!

4. Portable Photo Printer

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Holidays are all about reminiscing old great times and recreating new ones. Here are perfect tools that can aid your friends and family to gather valuable memories better!
  • The best thing about photographs is that they do not change even though the moment in them is long gone! 
  • Who does not want to live their favorite times over and over again, but déjà vu is not something so easy to grab. 
  • We have added the ultimate solution to your urge to keep your wonderful moments at bay always!
  • Since, these days, it's all about instant pleasure, so click a button to turn your digital memories into tangible mementos. 
  • This fashionable gadget is capable of printing 2.3-by-3.4-inch images on Zero Ink paper is the HP Sprocket Pick lightweight photo printer. 
  • Until printing, they can also edit images with the Sprocket mobile app!

5. 3 in 1 charger

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Available at Amazon this product is a must grab for iPhone users. 
  • The 3 in 1 charging hub is ideal for your friends who like to keep their phone's battery always full so that they can capture a sweet moment whenever they want. 
  • After all, the holidays are all about making memories with your favorite people!
  • This 3 in 1 charger can fuel up more than 1 device at a single time. 
  • There are separate ports dedicated each for Air Pods, your iPhone and Apple watch. 
  • Moreover, the sleek design hides the cords so the product looks clean and classy as well. What a wonderful gift!

6. Cookie Cutter

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Caring is loving

  • Stress goes a long way but care goes even far! With our care and love holiday gifts collection, send your loved ones something that keeps them feel protected and warm while you are far.
  • Does your grandma love to make cute cookies for you? Or one of your aunts takes pride in baking the prettiest cookie shapes that are flawless around the edges. 
  • Either way, we all have someone who loves to show a little more love through their baking. 
  • This is why Etsy's Custom Pet Portrait Cookie cutter. And the most exciting part? 
  • You can get the cookie cutters customized to the shape of their favorite pets. 

7. Electric Toothbrush

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • This choice sounds weird but who does not love a gorgeous wide smile plastered on the faces of their loved ones? 
  • With the Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush you can give the confidence to your beloved to smile more positively! 
  • The electric brush has three intensities and three modes to give them complete control over their cleanliness, but a built-in pressure sensor gently pulses to warn them to ease up if they brush too hard. 
  • It's a gift they didn't realize they wanted, but they'll be delighted to receive it.

8. Shower Steamers

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Nothing gives peace more than a hot shower full of beautiful aroma and pleasant fragrance. 
  • These Tevore shower steamers are the best way to give your family or friends a relaxed steamy bath after a worrisome year of pandemic and strict lockdown!  
  • These shower steamers are filled with four flavors using the beneficial tricks of Aromatherapy; Rose oilX3, PeppermintX3, LavenderX3 & EucalyptusX3, each with a distinct and special scent that has long-lasting and enjoyable after-effects through the use of natural essential oils & fragrance oils.

9. Under Eye Mask

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • A full flash package of long term care. This pack of 24 pairs each for a day eye mask is a lovely way to show care and some genuine concern. 
  • Nobody wants to see their favorite people tired and let alone look even more drained because of the puffy eyes and daunting eye bags. 
  • These Ellynzea eye masks smoothly rejuvenate the skin under the eyes and remove all the worry lines so that you are only left with smooth and soft skin. 
  • In addition, the sleek packaging makes Ellynzea a no brainer when it comes to gift-giving. 
  • You'll have a perfect gift with only a few clicks that is sure to inspire you.

10. Meaningful Beauty 5 Pcs Set

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Fashion Diva

  • Holiday pictures need to be perfect! Especially for that one girl who likes to doll up and look her best self in every selfie taken. Our ultimate collection of gift ideas for the fashionista in your circle cannot only make her really happy but they are extremely durable in the long run too!
  • Nothing better to show love than a beauty starter kit. This 5 piece beauty kit from meaningful is a full package for your friends and family. 
  • The set contains all the essentials you desire for fine and healthy skin. 
  • Moreover, your loved one won't have to discover the route to a gorgeous skincare routine as following and using the products in a meaningful 5 pieces beauty set is more than enough! 
  • This set includes Skin Softening Cleanser, Youth Activating Melon Serum, Environmental Protecting Moisturizer SPF 30, Overnight Retinol Repairing Crème, and a Lifting Eye Crème.

11. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Washing off makeup after a fun day is the most tiring job. To be honest, it ruins all the fun you had the whole day and we are not exaggerating! 
  • Especially in this cold weather who wants to touch their skin with cold air let alone wash their face with cold water and frankly hot water is too damaging for the face! 
  • With Reusable makeup remover pads from Odoxia, you can easily call it a day with a single wipe.
  • And the best thing? They are washable and reusable so you do not need to buy tons of packets for just a week. 
  • Light on pocket and light on the skin, this it surely the best and most considerate holiday present choice for your loved ones. 

12. Anti-Age Roller

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • The stress of corona has made us all grow wise and worried beyond years. 
  • This constant uncertainty and upsetting trauma lingering in our heads over the year 2020 has given so many unwanted wrinkles. 
  • While the hard times do not last, hard wrinkles too! Which is why the Deciniee Jade Anti Age roller as one of our top picks for Holiday gifts 2020. 
  • This Jade roller is made with 100% authentic jade stone. 
  • It helps in rebuilding skin protein, strengthen collagen and enhance blood circulation. 
  • All this will not only make your skin appear younger but gives a deep sense of peace as well. 

13. Fenty Beauty Gift Set

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Girls just admire Rihanna, and to be fair it is for all the right reasons. We all know someone who Stan Rihanna and high-end makeup products to a certain degree higher than us. 
  • For those gorgeous women in your friends and family, we have added the Fenty beauty-full snap eyeshadow palette along with mini mascara set in our best holiday gifts collection. 
  • This cute and adorable gift set only comes at $30 and you can easily get it from Sephora. Here! 
  • We have given you yet another reason to visit the place of your dreams; Sephora, one more time!

14. Sephora Lip Stain

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • While you are at Sephora for your holiday glam shopping, why not grab a few things for your best friends! 
  • We are not recommending you to drain your wallet but this Sephora collection of Wild Wishes Cream Lip Stain Set is an easy buy and extremely gorgeous gift!
  • After all, the multiple shades can cover up various holiday days for you and your friends! 
  • How about twinning by applying the same lip shade each day?

15. Lancome Juicy Lips

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Lancome juicy Lips collection of Lip gloss once topped every girl's makeup wish list and it's about time that these beauties have come back even better. 
  • This mini gloss set consists of 5 gorgeous small glossy tubes which are packed in an even gorgeous backpack. 
  • The price is set at $25 and you can easily get this perfect holiday gift from Ulta.com. 
  • It is a perfect gift for your makeup obsessed bestie who likes to look glossy and pretty every single day.

16. Charlotte Tilbury

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • A lipstick is the only makeup product that can change your look drastically. Especially for a lip color fanatic who does not want to leave the house without a little color of pretty on her lips. 
  • This Charlotte Tilbury Mini Pillow Talk Lip set is a must-buy for anyone who wants to make a mark with their holiday gift. 
  • It contains a full-sized version of their Matte Revolution Lipstick, mini Lip Cheat Lip Liner, Jewel Lip Gloss, and Collagen Lip Bath Gloss all in the iconic universal nude shade: Pillow Talk.

17. ULTA Beauty Box

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Oh So Pretty! Ever since this beauty landed in our collection of Holiday gifts we haven't been able to stop drooling over it, and the same will be the case with your friends when you gift them this latest collection from Caboodles Edition. 
  • ULTA beauty Box is priced at $30 on the official ULTA site. With this makeup kit, you can make all of your beloved’s dreams and wishes come true. 
  • This makeup kit includes 58 pieces of makeup to create a perfect killer makeup look. 

18. The Nick Cordero

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Broadway fan

  • The best theatrical production in the world and sure there are some diehard fans of Broadway in every household. 
  • Even though you do not Stan Broadway but gifts are all about putting others' needs first, aren't they?
  • Only the real Broadway fans know the pain of a lovely talent gone too soon! Just like many other precious lives submitted to COVID, Nick Cordero is one of those people who succumbed his breath to the deadly virus. 
  • His new release was all set to be presented which would have been his 42nd Birthday but sadly he had gone too early!
  • The Nick Cordero: Live your life album is one of the best ways to warm the hearts of his fans.

19. Vietgone

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • A wonderful way to take your loved one’s mind off of daily life stress and boring routine! 
  • Vietgone is an audiobook edition of the "slightly untrue story" of the journey of his parents to a relocation camp in Arkansas from Vietnam, Vietgone, by playwright Qui Nguyen, is a searing, hilarious, poignant play with music. 
  • This recording is of a live show at the UCLA James Bridges Theater in February 2020.

20. Broadway HD

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • If you love someone, let them stream for free! This is the new definition of love where you let your loved one have some tiny place and a wonderful ME time to themselves so that they can binge-watch their favorite shows whenever they want. 
  • Broadway HD has a lot of theatrical material, some of which is still entertaining but not technically Broadway. 
  • You'll get London and Lincoln Center concerts, popular-to-obscure movie musicals, and theatrical productions that you may have watched on PBS one afternoon years ago that you never thought you might catch again.

21. Temperature Controlled Mug

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Limited Budget but Unlimited Love?

  • When there are so many people to care for, and you have a happy healthy big family, holiday season kind of becomes hard on your wallet. 
  • Especially when a pandemic has drained our finances to the core, the under $100 gift collection ideas are the savior! 
  • Don’t worry because you can still gift valuable precious things to your loved ones. 
  • Your budget might be limited but your love doesn’t need to be!
  • If they get too involved in work and let their coffee cool down even before they can savor it, gift them this ember temperature-controlled mug. 
  • While this seems like a small gesture but it goes a long way as you show your liked ones that you care for their day to have a warm and fresh start. 
  • Ember temperature-controlled mug can keep your drinks warm long after you have poured them. 
  • Now they can easily sip away and enjoy the heat without worrying about the coffee getting cold!

22. Phone Sanitizer

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • We sanitize our hands, wear masks, and use disinfectants but what if this all doesn't beat the germs? 
  • According to researches our phones are 10 times dirtier than most of the toilet seats. OMG! Now imagine holding your phone to your ear, obviously, you don't see yourself or the people you love doing that! 
  • The HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Phone Sanitizer is the ultimate solution. 
  • In just 30 seconds, this genius phone sanitizer zaps away up to 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses per hand, and for long-lasting convenience, it can run up to 70 uses per charge. 
  • Kinda cute and caring, no?

23. Cotton Blanket

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • A good night's sleep is one of the best ways to start a new day! The Zonli Cotton Weighted blanket is a secret to having a better night's sleep for an anxious person. And who has no need for more sleep? 
  • Especially when it's so cold outside and you desire a warm, cozy partner to keep you covered! 
  • They're going to make you feel a little like being cradled, which will enhance your ability to sleep at night.
  • In the morning, your gift girl will be so refreshed that she will be sure to thank you for this wonderful gift. 
  • Besides that, the cotton fabric is friendliest to people with sensitive skin so care and care!

24. Self-Rolling Yoga Mat

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Too good to be true! Just like Aladdin's rug which knows when to work this Backlash Fit Self-Rolling Smart Yoga Mat is a must-buy for your favorite yogi! 
  • There is absolutely nothing better you can do for them and make their yoga sessions much more peaceful and fun! 
  • Moreover, to talk you through your practice, the nonslip yoga mat pairs with your Amazon Alexa. 
  • Flip your mat over when you're finished, and it'll roll itself up in just one fast snap.

25. Card Game

25 Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
  • Did someone ask for a mischievous family time? With this Not parent-approved: A Card game for kids, families, and mischief-makers, no one can stay in their room while the rest are gathered around the coffee table. 
  • Acting like a magnet to everyone, this card game is interesting, engaging, and the best way to sit together and have some fun! We all love some family time why don't you take the first step?
Holidays are the best time to rejoice all the happiness and forget all the past worries. Especially this year which has been hard on all of us equally but only together we can make the unpleasant days go away only to be replaced with something better. And this collection of amazing holiday gifts is one of the best to begin with. Let's spread some joys!

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